Instructions for drawing blood

Please plan about 30 minutes for this test.

Take the test on a business day, not before a holiday.

1. Watch the video manual

Read the instructions carefully before you start with the test. Additionally, it is recommended to carefully watch the video instructions prior to performing the blood draw.

2. Important notice

Make sure to abstain from eating or drinking 6 hours prior to the test. 
Ship the test right after you have finished, on the same day.

3. Preperation

Place the following materials in front of you:


1 × Outer packaging of the tube 1 × Tube

1 × Dry blood card

1 × Disinfectant wipe

1 × Lancet

1 × Swab (unwrapped) 1 × Band Aid

1 × Activation card

4. Fixate the tube

Put the outer packaging with the opening down on the table and pin the the tube in the holder. Open the tube my removing the cap. Place the opened dry blood card next to it.

5. Enhance blood flow

Wash your hands under very warm water for 2-3 minutes, circle your arms and massage your hands.

6. Disinfect fingertip

Wipe the fingertip that you are pricking with the disinfectant wipe. We recommend the ring finger of the non-dominant hand.
Wait about 10 seconds until your finger is dry.

7. Trigger the lancet and pierce it

Twist off the cap of the lancet. Place the lancet on the fingertip. Press the lancet firmly against your finger so that it releases.

8. Wipe off the first drop

Wipe off the first drop of blood with the white swab as it may contain contaminants.

9. Fill the tube

Massage firmly from palm to fingertip until a large drop of blood forms. Wipe the drop of blood off the top lip of the tube. Fill the tube to the 600 mark.

10. Fill the dry blood card

Fill in the circle on the dry blood card. Massage firmly from palm to fingertip until a large drop of blood forms. Let the blood soak in without touching the card directly.

11. Dry the blood card

Leave the blood card to dry in open air for at least 30 minutes.

12. Put on the plaster

Press the swap onto the punctured site until the bleeding stops. Place a plaster on the wound.

13. Swirl the tube

Press the cap onto the tube until it clicks and swirl the tube 10 times back and forth.

14. Fix the laboratory ID

Find the ID on the back of the activation card as a sticker. Glue the top one to the dried blood card and one of the bottom stickers on the tube. Do NOT throw the card away yet. You need the laboratory ID and PIN to register your sample in your LOEWI health profile.

15. Mail the samples

Put the tube in the packaging and place it and the dry blood card in the prepaid return envelope. 

Bring the envelope to a mailbox on the same day.

16. Register Sample

Register the sample in your health profile: and fill out an anamnesis. You will receive an email when your results are available.

Attention: Your test results can only be assigned after the registration has been completed.

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Alle Vitalstoffe, die du brauchst, in einer Dose. 100% personalisiert.

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