Vitamins and Minerals that adjust to your needs

Tailor-made vitamins based on your blood work and lifestyle. The future of nutrition has arrived.
LOEWI is the official supplier to the German national ski teams

Vitamins and Minerals that adjust to your needs

How it works

Blood test

Lifestyle questionnaire

Personalized vitamins

Track progress

Analyse your current health status and check, whether you have any nutrient deficiencies.

The questionnaire helps us to consider your individual preferences, goals as well as diseases, medications and allergies. 

You receive 100% personalized vitamins that are exclusively manufactured for you - based on your blood and questionnaire data. You also gain access to personalized diet recommendations. 

With LOEWI you can transparently check, whether your body is absorbing the nutrients and your blood data is improving.

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The most comprehensive personalization in the industry

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all and welcome to the most comprehensive concept for personalized vitamins. With LOEWI you get exactly what your body needs – no more no less.

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes  Scherr explains why personalization is the key to better health.

100% transparent -
We show you that it works

Instead of trusting that your pills and vitamins are working, LOEWI objectively tracks whether your health data improves or not – 100% transparent and scientifically validated. 

Dr. Silvia Kolossa explains how LOEWI shows whether your health improves.

Everything you need -
in one spoon

Individual vitamin pills and powders, mineral tablets, or even plant extracts can be replaced by a spoonful of LOEWI. LOEWI is the most convenient way for better health.

Dr. Silvia Kolossa explains how LOEWI can replace more than 30 pills and tablets.

As unique as yourself

Every single formulation is unique. Each vitamin box is 100% tailor-made according to your personal blood work and questionnaire data. Your personalized vitamins are manufactured in Switzerland and packaged in a certified pharmacy to guarantee highest quality standards.

Always at hand!


LOEWI is the official supplier of the German National Ski Teams and the advisor for personalized nutrition and supplementation of the DSV.

Vitamins that actually work!

of LOEWI customers improve their blood data within the first three months!

Free consultation

Book a free consultation with one of our nutrition experts now and find out how LOEWI can help you to achieve your goals.

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Official partners

Rooted in science

LOEWI is a scientific spin-off of the Technical University of Munich and collaborates with leading universities and research institutions to gain new scientific findings in the field of personalized nutrition and health.

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Aktuelle Studie zu Covid-19

Dr. Silvia Kolossa erläutert die aktuellste Studie mit der TU München und der Universität Turin zum Thema Covid-19.

Dr. Silvia Kolossa erläutert LOEWIs aktuelle Studie zum Thema Covid-19.

What experts say

Prof. Dr.

Johannes Scherr

is co-founder of LOEWI, Olympic sports physician as well as chief physician and head of the Center for Prevention and Sports Medicine at Balgrist University Hospital in Zurich.  Since 2005 he has been team doctor for the German National Alpine Ski Team (men and women). He was also head of the sports medicine examination center of the German Olympic Sports Federation in Munich. At the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver 2010, Sochi 2014 and Pyeongchang 2018 he was responsible for the medical care of the athletes. For his doctoral thesis he investigated the influence of molecular genetic factors on heart hypertrophy in top athletes. In 2007 he moved to the Klinikum rechts der Isar. From 2008-2019 he worked at the Center for Prevention and Sports Medicine and since 2019 he has been the head of Sports Medicine at Balgrist University Hospital.

Dr. Silvia Kolossa

is the scientific director of LOEWI’s research projects and education manager for personalized nutrition. She is responsible for study projects, scientific product information and workshops. She holds degrees in nutritional science from the Technical University of Munich. During her PhD, she worked on the “Food4Me” project on personalized nutrition and as a research associate she led a study on nutrition and agriculture in Benin, West Africa. In addition to her research activities, she gained experience in customer service at a PR agency, in pharmaceutical marketing and as project manager at a European foundation for neonatal health.

Dr. Gert Krabichler

is a founding member of European and national food supplement associations. In 2017 he founded Food-PharmaOTC Consult. Prior to that he was head of Global Regulatory Affairs at Merck Consumer Health. He started his professional career in the diagnostics industry. After seven years in R&D and management functions, most recently as Head of Division at Roche Diagnostica Germany, he joined Roche Vitamins Europe in 1994 as Head of Regulatory Affairs and Scientific Communications for Central and Eastern Europe (from 2003 DSM Nutritional Products). Here he represented the company in national and European associations of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In 1996, he additionally took over the scientific communications for Europe and, from 1999 on, the function of Head of External Affairs.

M.Sc. Helena Engel

is a nutrition expert at the German Ski Association (DSV). She holds academic degrees in nutritional science and diagnostics and training from the Technical University of Munich and the renowned Liverpool John Moores University in England. She is also involved in various research projects, including research on preventive and rehabilitative sports medicine at the Swedish School of Sports and Health Science in Stockholm and the Rechts der Isar Hospital in Munich. She is also a speaker in nutritional medicine discussion groups and the International Sports & Exercise Nutrition Conference.


Commitment to Quality

LOEWI products are used in the Tour de France and in medical studies with leading universities and research institutions. For us, the highest quality standards are a basic requirement for any LOEWI product. After all, it is about our greatest asset – our personal health!

Personalized vitamins

All the vitamins, minerals and vital substances you need in     one box – 100% personalized and tailored around your needs.

LOEWI Blood Test

Analyze your nutrient status from the comfort of your home and find out about your nutrient deficiencies.