Requirement assessment

The assessment of the nutritional needs at LOEWI consists of two parts, a blood analysis and an anamnesis questionnaire. The blood analysis can be done either by your doctor or with the LOEWI home test. You fill out your anamnesis questionnaire online in your LOEWI health profile.

Blood test from the doctor

Simply upload a picture of your last blood analysis, which your doctor conducted. Please note that in addition to the small or complete blood count, it must also contain values of nutrients. If you have a doctor’s appointment for a blood test in the near future, you will find a list of relevant nutrients that can be tested here.


  • Personal care by your doctor
  • More blood values possible than with the LOEWI home test, depending on the recommendation of your doctor
  • Possible reimbursement by health insurance

Upload your blood panel here:

List of recommended blood values:

Blood test from home

The LOEWI blood test enables you to take your own blood samples from home without prior medical experience. Only a few drops from your fingertip are needed, for LOEWI’s accredited partner laboratory in Germany to determine the most important blood values.


  • Easy to perform at home
  • Only a few drops of blood
  • No medical knowledge necessary

Together with our experts, a comprehensive profile of the most important blood values was put together. These markers are analyzed with the LOEWI blood test.

Anamnesis questionnaire

The anamnesis questionnaire serves to take into account your dietary habits, allergies or intolerances, but also pregnancy or illnesses in your recommendations. Furthermore, you can indicate what goals you are pursuing with LOEWI, e.g. whether you would like to increase your athletic performance or generally improve your overall health.

As soon as you have completed your anamnesis questionnaire and your blood values have been analysed by LOEWI or uploaded by you, you will receive the evaluation and corresponding personalized nutrition recommendations in your health profile.