Personalized Nutrients

Your personalized nutrients are individually bottled in a pharmacy according to your personal needs and goals. One spoon of LOEWI’s personalized nutrients replaces several pills and tablets. From more than 120 different substances you get exactly those that are relevant to you personally – not more and not less. LOEWI’s nutrient portfolio consists of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and plant extracts of proven pharmaceutical quality from natural sources, if possible.

To determine the individual dosage, knowledge of more than 15,000 scientific studies is applied. LOEWI uses the study results in combination with your blood values and the information in your anamnesis questionnaire to create your personal recipe and dosage.

LOEWIs Makro und Mikronährstoffe in der Übersicht

Bioavailability comparable with fruit and vegetables

LOEWI’s nutrients are incorporated into a indigestible dietary fiber – purely vegetable guar gum. When the nutrients enter your intestine, they soak up water, swell and cover a large area of the intestinal wall. The nutrients are now slowly released to the body over several hours, just as is the case with fruit and vegetables (retard effect). The individual granules prevent certain nutrients from interfering with each other and thus not being absorbed. As a result, a high bioavailability can be guaranteed.

Consideration of negative interactions

Negative Wechselwirkungen in der Nährstoffaufnahme bei Standard-Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln
Standard food supplements: Absorption is inhibited
Optimale Aufnahme durch räumliche Trennung einzelner Stoffe in LOEWIs Nährstoffgranulat
LOEWI Nutrients: Optimal absorption

Certain nutrients are absorbed by the body through the same channels. In the case of standard food supplements, this often leads to the fact that an active ingredient is not absorbed by the body at all, or only insufficiently. With LOEWI’s granules, nutrients that inhibit absorption are spatially separated, which ensures a optimal absorption.

Consideration of positive interactions

Kombination von Vitamin C und Eisen in LOEWIs Nährstoffgranulat für eine optimale Aufnahme
Optimal nutrient intake with LOEWI nutrients

Bioavailability can often be promoted by taking positive interactions into account. Iron, for example, is very poorly absorbed by the body as a stand-alone substance, but in combination with vitamin C, the absorption capacity can be increased up to 6-fold. For this reason, LOEWI’s iron granules also contain vitamin C to increase the absorption of iron.

If you have certain allergies or intolerances, or are on a vegetarian or vegan diet, you can indicate this in the anamnesis questionnaire. Your needs will also be taken into account in your personalized nutrients and for example, omega-3 fats from fish oil will be avoided and omega-3 fats from algae will be used instead. Information for diabetics: The personalized nutrients do not contain any bread units.

Production and certifications

Each batch of the substances has a specified quality and is only released for the production of LOEWI nutrients if these standards are met.

The LOEWI nutrients do NOT contain any:

  • Heavy metals
  • Plasticicers
  • Pesticides
  • Solvents
  • Sterioids and stimulants from the list of
    the World Anti-Doping Agency

The entire process of production, bottling and dispatch is carried out under pharmaceutical conditions and is certified by Swissmedic. The granules are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland. All raw materials are subject to a strict incoming inspection, which is documented and can be traced. The entire manufacturing process is subject to recognized international standards.