Nutrient Blood Test

199 €

one time, no subscription

  • Blood test in accredited lab
  • Analysis of most important biomarkers for nutrition
  • Easy to understand online repot
  • Uncovering deficiencies and weak points
  • PerPersonalized nutrition recommendations

Free shipping

Supplement Subscription

75 € / month

+ 99 € for Nutrient Blood Test

  • All advantages of the Nutrient Blood Test
  • Get nutrients 100% tailor-made to your needs
  • Highest quality andbioavailability
  • Certified by Swiss Medic
  • Access to our team of nutrition experts

Free shipping
Minimum duration 3 months

How does the Supplement Subscription work?

1. Blood testing

You will receive the Nutrient Blood Test delivered directly to your home.
Your blood will be analyzed in an accredited laboratory in Germany and you will receive an easy to understand online report with your results.

Only 99€ in the supplement subscription

2. Recieve supplements

Based on your Nutrient Blood Test, you will receive your personalized nutrients in a three-month box. Your subscription will start once we have sent out the first pacage of your supplements and will last for at least three months.

75 €/month

3. Track progress

LOEWI's nutritionists adjust your personalized supplement after each nutrient analysis so you always get the right nutrients in the right moment.
You have full control over how often you want to retest your blood.

only 99 € for each additional test